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Calling Commercial Support

There are techniques you can use to ensure that your experience with commercial support will be as brief and successful as possible.

Be Prepared

Before calling commercial support, be sure to make a note of the following important information that our support reps will need in order to help you.

Your Business Name

This will help us determine the type of service we provide and found your account with us.

Your Email Address

If you are having email trouble we will need to know it.

What's the Problem?

Include the exact wording of any error messages. We can't physically examine your computer, so error messages and the circumstances surrounding the problem are the only "symptoms" our reps have to go on.

Having the information listed above ready will make it easier for our reps to solve your problems and assist you more quickly. That means less time for you on the phone, and less time you and others will have to wait to get a live person when you call.

Write Down this Number

Our toll-free technical support phone number is: 1.877.NETDOOR
Our Jackson area support phone number is: 601.969.1434

Leaving Voicemail

When you call commercial support, you will either reach a live person immediately or be put on hold while you wait for a live person. However, if it's extremely busy your call will be routed to voicemail. If you need to leave voicemail, be sure to provide us with all the information you would have in a regular call. Your voice mail message will be sent to our operations personel immediately and page them every 15 minutes until it is answered.

Here are a few more tips that will help us respond to your message quickly and effectively:

  1. Your phone number: You should always mention your phone number at the beginning and end of your message.
  2. The Business Name
  3. Spell out your email address: You wouldn't believe how easy it is to mistake something like newb for gnubee or nubea.

Generally, if a voicemail provides enough explanation and detail, it's likely that our reps will have a solution for you by the time they call you back.

Contact Us by E-mail

You may want to send us e-mail rather than calling. We check our e-mail regularly ( every 5 min ) and respond as promptly as possible. Our e-mail address for commercial support is: